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It has been verified by an undercover operation that Cash for Gold places, such as refineries, middlemen, and My Gold Party have been none other then ripping off the general consumer and taking advantage of them in selling their gold online and in person. An undercover sting was done where the gold was valued and weighed by a verified party, then they brought in cash for gold companies and gold party companies and 90% of the cash for gold companies took advantage, lying about the carat, the price and undercut them by as much as 50% .

Us here at Free Gold Appraisal feel for the customer and are providing a free 30 second quote on your gold and offer 100 percent customer satisfaction, please call the number for your free 30 second Free Gold Appraisal Quote, You Will not regret it.

Here’s how these “My Gold Party” parties work:

Someone will contact a gold appraiser, or a local jewelry expert, to set up a deal where they visit the hosts’ house.  They then invite all their friends over and ask them to bring all kinds of gold jewerly to sell.  Everyone has a fun time talking about the stories associated with their old gold jewelry, but the appraiser doesn’t care about the jewelry.  He just gives you a price and buys your gold right there on the spot.

The Scam They Don’t Want You to Know About:

One woman went home with $286 from selling her old gold jewelry … sounds good right?  Now here’s the scam – allegedly the gold appraiser and party host each get 10% of the take, and then get this they undercut by as much as 50% and say you have 10k when its a gold necklace that is 14k.

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